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Thank you very much for each day helping me to get stronger! Therapy department is great! My stay here was pretty good and I will miss you all! Some of you have become friends and I cherish that. I appreciate the activities as well!


I could not ask for better care. Everyone was polite and well-trained in their field. My questions were all answered promptly. I would recommend Hickory Creek to everyone I know. I came here knowing about their good care because my father-in-law was here 13 years and got excellent care! I want to say thank you to all the staff. God bless you all!


The entire staff and administration were extremely helpful and supportive during my rehab.The staff were always very responsive to my needs from all standpoints.The PT and OT staff and their assistants were fantastic! They made my rehab very effective and personable so my plan was tailored to fit my needs. A special thank you to Donna, STNA. She was always right there to help no matter the situation and did it with a smile. Also, Sam is awesome. He made sure my needs were met and kept me informed of everything going on in my care from an administrative standpoint. Seems like he is always here. Last, Samantha was extremely helpful in my discharge planning.


The staff was very helpful with my rehab.The nurses and aides were extremely nice.The physical therapy was very helpful with my rehab.


You all did a great job with me during my stay. Some of the staff went above and beyond and done extra for me. I hope I wasn’t a pain for anyone. I enjoyed my stay at Hickory Creek. If I ever need to go somewhere again Hickory Creek will be my first choice!


Thanks to everyone here at Hickory Creek. My care was excellent! The Nurses were very caring and always had a smile on their faces. The breakfast food here at Hickory Creek is the best breakfast food I have ever had. Everyone’s patience with me meant a lot and was very helpful with my condition. I really enjoyed my room and the bird feeders outside my window; it helped pass the time as I enjoy bird watching.


The staff has made my stay here very comfortable. Everyone has been very good to me and my family members. From nurses to other staff members, I have received excellent care! Thank you for the care you give so that me and others can go home!


Our stay at Hickory Creek was obviously wonderful. The staff were always courteous and efficient. Bethany and Lauren were totally awesome!! They both went above and beyond the call of duty! We deeply appreciate the care.


We want to bring to your attention the fact that all your nurses and medical aids are really devoted to their patents' well-being and they are doing a very good job. They are well-trained, kind, compassionate, and ready to help when in need.

For us, Bethany is very special. She is a very responsible, dedicated, professional. She pays attention to all the details, she listens to you. She is exceptional!

On the day my husband didn't feel well, I asked for her advice. She was the one who convinced me to take him to the hospital right away and she did the paperwork. From the hospital, I kept her informed about my husband;s progress. We think she deserves to be rewarded and for other employees. She is our hero! She saved my husband's life!


My stay at HCNC was great. I made a lot of friends, more friends than I've ever had & I am really going to miss them. I am very thankful for this facility & all the staff including therapy. They have all helped change my life & get me back home. To everyone at HCNC, thank you so much. I will miss each and every one of you.


My stay at HCNC was really good.  I will miss everyone and all of the staff.  The staff took great care of me and went above and beyond.  I really enjoyed nursing home week!  Activities done a great job.  Thank you to the therapy staff for pushing me hard in therapy to get to return home.  Thanks to everyone at HCNC.


I was treated very good here, and love everyone that helped me in my stay. Thank you all for your help in getting me back on my feet.

Ms. Krannitz

You all did a great job with me. More than anything I'm happy and thankful you helped me to get to home with my dogs.


I really appreciate everything you've done for my mom. This wouldn't have been possible [without] all of your help. Thank you all for everything.

Mike (Mary's son)

Building and residents clean and staff very friendly. Received help as needed. Enjoyed time outside as I am a smoker. Grateful for the help. Food was very good.


I had great care. All of you made me feel at home. I wish that I would have came here first then I would not have had all the pain that was put on me. Thank you all and God bless you.


My experience was very positive. My cousin, Cedric, lived longer than was expected due to the excellent care he received at Hickory Creek of Athens. I live in Columbus and could typically only visit once a week. The receptionist, Debbie; the social worker, Samantha; and the nurses (especially Caitlyn and Tina) were very helpful when I called to check on Cedric. They also contacted me immediately if his condition changed. I truly appreciated their professionalism and thoughtfulness.


Thank you for the care you all gave me. Everyone was kind & caring. [I] liked all of the nurses & the aides were great. Physical therapy was fun to work with. Even if you didn't want to do it, they got you to where you do. Miss all of you. God Bless you all. Thanks again. Your friend.


The staff do an excellent job! They keep us all motivated and grounded. They are a great group of folks. I don’t think I could do it but I am glad they are here.


I was treated like family.  My wishes were meet and respected! The food was well balanced and a wide variety.


Shirley has lived at Hickory Creek for a couple of months. I was not able to make it down to see Shirley because I live out of state, but It made me feel good knowing Shirley was being looked after so kindly!


I've had my wife, sister, and brother [at Hickory Creek]. My brother is still there. The staff, including nursing and the office people are very nice and caring. Always when you walk in the front door you're greeted with a smile and a welcome...I would highly recommend Hickory Creek...My brother has never had it so good as he does there. Just want to say, "keep up the good work and thank you for all that you do!" Also would like to say that Debbie makes him smile every day.


I personally couldn't say one bad thing about my experience here! Everyone is amazing and honestly helped me with every situation I have been through. I definitely would be honored to come back if a situation came up in the future. Thank you to all of the staff and even the patrons I have had the privilege to meet and know. God bless.


The staff and administration at Hickory Creek are always caring, effective, and pleasant. The rooms are well kept and the food tasty and plentiful.


I have a relative and three other individuals under my care at Hickory Creek of Athens. All have and are currently receiving the personalized attention and medical care appropriate for the maintenance of a healthy and active living environment and promotion of their mental and physical well-being. I am extremely satisfied with the care and attention they all receive from the staff and medical personnel of Hickory Creek.


The staff on the secure unit are the best I've ever seen.


My mother was a resident at Hickory Creek for over ten years. She liked here and I thought she got good care. I began to volunteer before my mom passed and enjoyed it so much.
The advice I have for families who place their loved one in Hickory Creek - come and visit. Visit often, get involved with what goes on. This is your loved one's home now too.


Your facility does not treat him like a patient. You treat him like a person. You are very attentive to his care. He is a tough case. I have never felt as comfortable as I do now that Ken is being taken care of.


I love Jill and Kristen. They do a good job. Any time I have a question, they take the time to talk to me. Carrie also does a great job. She often goes above and beyond for my mom by doing little things like getting her snacks, etc.


I get good care. I get treated like an angel. I love this place.


Heather and Dena have been amazing to me throughout my recovery. The physical therapy here is not just physical therapy...the ladies here are passionate, caring, and very hard workers. They really want to see people do better for themselves! If we could recommend a therapist it would be Heather and Dena - hands down. Thank you!


It was a good place to get help. When I needed a place to get better and get my life back together. Thank you all.


More homes need people like Nicole! It was obvious watching her interact with [the residents] that they loved her just as much as she loved them.

Dr. Dillon

My experience here has been very great the STNA's, Nurse's, Dr.'s, and therapy groups are amazing they're very caring and respectful. Everyone here takes they're job's serious and are very professional. I've been here since June 2019 in the short time I been here I have made a dramatic recovery I owe it all to their staff and all I can do is say thank you.


Everyone was nice, treated me good. Nurses helped me get off of vent machine helped me through masking, respiratory, physical, and occupational therapy - I thank all of you. I couldn't walk or stand when I came here. Dena & Heather told me I would leave here walking. I am.. They are pleasant, sympathetic, and very hard-working, care about the work they do. Thank you to all the aides for taking care of me.


My father had fabulous care at Hickory Creek. Every single person took great care of him ensuring he was in no pain. They tried to satisfy his every want and need. I cannot state strongly enough how very very pleased our family was with his care. His last days were comfortable and at peace.


Tammy was really helpful and nice. A lot of times when I go to facilities, the nurses act somewhat frustrated by my questions but Tammy[insurance case manager] was friendly and helpful.


Everyone has been very nice to her [her sister]. It's a very nice place there. Thank you for all you've done for her.


I have lived at Hickory Creek for years. The Staff treat me with respect. They are good to him. Ashyle C. in Activity is one of my favorites. I have a good roommate and he is my best friend. I love Debbie she always helps me and talks with me. Love all the Nurses they are good to me.


My sister has been at Hickory Creek for about a month now. She has received great care from both the nursing staff and the therapy staff. My sister has made some good friends, both staff and other patients, during her time there. She has enjoyed going to bingo and decorating for Christmas. Now we are looking forward to the upcoming family holiday dinner.


The holiday meal was excellent. The staff was so friendly and welcomed. Everyone made me proud to be a resident here. Happy Holidays.

Big Jim

When we decided we were bringing over mom to Hickory Creek Chelsea Holsinger and Debbie made the transition so easy! They made a special trip to go get her and get her settled in! I know mom is happy and safe! Makes my everyday life so much easier!


Our experience of having my mother at Hickory Creek of Athens has been a good one. My mother gets excellent care. I feel welcome to visit my mother and I am even allowed to bring our dog to see her, which is so good for both of them and makes it easier to visit.


Coming to Hickory Creek to see Family and have dinner was amazing. We just sat down and was waited on and taken very good care of. Staff was amazing, caring, friendly, caring and really thoughtful. My mom has been at Hickory Creek for many years and I can say she has always been taken care of. When you walk in the door there is always a friendly smile and a warm welcome from Debbie. She makes you feel like your the only one that's important. I love all the staff and management team. Awesome bunch of people who has a heart of Gold. Thanks for all you do!


It has been a joy being here. I really appreciate Heather, Dana, Jammy, I really enjoy Therapy. The girls are like family they make my day. I can be sad and they come in and I forget what tI was sad about. There should be more nurses like Dreama. She always has a smile and is always there to listen even if she is in a hurry. When I go home I will miss them all.


I had a good stay...people done a good job in helping me get back and walking in the time that I was here. The one good aid was on...would take time with me. The six to six was always there for me. I didn't think that I would get well...I hope to come back when I have my back fixed. Thank you for all your help. I hope to come back.


I have had a good stay and staff has taken very good care of me. They are friendly!


It was a great experience. The staff from all departments was very helpful and respectful.


This is a long-term facility blessed with a strong experienced staff with local ties to the community, dedicated to providing care to their clients. Most of the staff have been here for years which is an indicator of their dedication to this facility and also to their own satisfaction that this is a great place to work. I would not hesitate to recommend Hickory Creek to my family or my friends.


All the staff here are absolutely great! I would not go to any other facility around here, or anywhere for that matter. I want to thank everyone who cared for me. I'm glad to be returning home but I will miss you all terribly!


The therapy staff was very nice and pleasurable.


That is beautiful. Today was beautiful. I am very appreciative of everything you guys have done for me. You all are so good to me, and that is why I came back here.


Everybody was excellent! The care was good and so was the food. Annie was great and everyone was polite. They treated me like a human being. Tammy and the other nurses were wonderful.

William G.

The Hickory Creek staff has been wonderful! They have been very helpful throughout the admission and move-in process. The business office was very helpful with insurance information and on advising which road need to be taken. They were kind enough to provide a detailed list of what our mom would need. Everyone from the administrator to the nurses has been patient and helped put us at ease during the transfer from Grant to Hickory Creek. The building is clean, and we are very happy to have them care for our family.


I love it here. The coffee is always hot.

L. Lee

Good folks, they take good care of me. I have been her the longest.

Charles C.

I'm very pleased with the services I received while here. Everyone was so kind and helpful! I would recommend Hickory Creek of Athens. Thank you for all you do!

Danny M.

Hickory Creek has been great to me! The help has bent over backwards. I'd recommend them to anybody.

Shirley D.